Connecticut Justice of the Peace

gourd rattles

you can judge the length from the yardstick

these short handle rattles have driftwood handles
the shaker bits are ( a minimum of 1 optical quartz chip, dry stem bits from white sage (California &/or Artemesia)
and washed gravel

These gourds dried indoors over 18 to 24 months
were dipped in Listerine to help prevent mold & keep some hints of the original coloring

the sound is a bit sharper than rice & mellower than glass beads

these are well suited for Indoor & small space use

the top rattle is plain
the lower 2 have a simple deerskin collar
all the rattles have been sealed with a coating of

Weldbond adhesive- this can be painted with either latex or oil based paints
*these are Not Sweat Lodge safe (prolonged high humidity may make the coating tacky)

(based on personal experience) prolonged High energy/very vigorous shaking may cause the gravel to abrade the inside walls & wear thru any thin spot in the wall
they are fine for general use

plus S&H

for my drum beaters and rattles:
the white birch is mostly from a storm downed tree in Stonington & a few pieces from Groton
Sassafras is from Bozrah, Ct
There is also some Flowering Crab & Pink Forsythia (a shrub)
Occasional Rhododendron & Eponymous

the Black birch is Groton, or Stonington

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