Connecticut Justice of the Peace


Professional Association Membership

AAWO [American Association of Wedding Officiants]
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Usui Reiki Master

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Comments on: "Marriages, Non-Sectarian, and Nature Faith Based Ceremonies" (1)

  1. Tony Griego said:

    Recently my son, Doug who lives in Arizona with his girlfriend, informed us that they would like to come back to Connecticut and hold a handfasting in our yard. They told us that they had already contacted a shaman named Wanda to perform the ceremony. Imagine my surprise when Wanda arrived for the event and I knew her. I had seen her at the Pagan Harvest Gathering event in Orange, Connecticut, where she was a vendor. I knew her as Tinker.
    She performed the event with explanations to my Christian family members of what to expect. After the event many family members stated that the ceremony was very enjoyable and light hearted. Two young people were united in love in a group that was 99% Christian. We were able to put aside our differences and enjoy the day for these two people in love. Before this event some family members expressed concerns about what was to take place. Tinker bridged that gap and for this I thank her. For all that attended, Tinker made this special event a very memorable and exciting one.

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