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For Your Shopping Convinience

for your convenience I am “setting up both an ETSY shop especially for my hand crafted items

as well as posting some Auctions on EBay

you may find me under the account name of aTinkar

I will also me offering a variety of other items as well.

These will vary from ceremonial tools, to collectibles, and sundry items

Today’s listings include calligraphy pen nibs , hand crafted wands and rattles, & baby animal marionettes

for Custom items feel free to contact me directly

See me at Market Day at Birka -an SCA Event in Manchester New Hampshire

I will have a variety of wares for sale:
Vermont Bowl Mill Bowls, Brause Calligraphy supplies
Masterpiece Calligraphy sets, various pouches both fabric and leather, Archery Equipment and sunrdy other goodies

Member of the Healing Touch Professional Association

I am now an Associate member in the Healing Touch Professional Association