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Random thoughts in June

June is a busy month, not so much with traditional , planned well in advanced ceremonies, but with the short notice “Military Specials” we see so many of here in Groton.

Between the Coast Guard and the Sub Base we see a number of, we need just a quick ceremony because my spouse needs the ID etc & we will have a big one later (generally back home where ever that may be).

I really enjoy these ceremonies, the enthusiasm and the smiles, the other thing is that they tend to be less formal and can be more relaxed, except for the usual grievousness of the couples.

Something that continues to delight me , is that with even just a few days lead time, some of the couple can craft some of the most beautiful ( short) ceremonies, based all or in part on the reference materials I can e-mail them.

Some find little gems of delight that help them express themselves.

Of course that doesn’t work quite as well for the “are you available today” calls. I do have about a dozen ready scripts I run with (and have some flexibility with those as well).

My other joy is watching the expression on their faces when they see a keepsake certificate that delights them. “Collecting” antique documents and redacting them and making up certificates from scratch is a hobby.

I have very traditional, old fashion, and medieval all the way to the fun “tie dye” and specialty- like the graveyard at Halloween & Taco Bell.

I an say , I love my job