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Precautions I continue to Use during the Continuing Covid situation

When we were initially hit with the Virus threat

This is what I use for the short notice “meet us at” ceremonies

or the in person consults- done outdoors

I set up my “traveling office kit”

I have put the pens I use in zip log bags- all the pens in bag 1 have been wiped down with sanitizer

I have a 2nd bag for the pens we each used – everyone uses a different pen.

My service agreements ( each copy) are on separate clip boards

I have put my keepsake certificates into page sleeves in a binder – I wipe everything down after each use and before I head out.

I m continuing to follow al the State of Ct masking guidelines.

I am fully vaccinated and take appropriate precautions to stay safe.

Thinking about Symbolic Acts and Site Restrictions

in my short list of Symbolic Acts I used to have a Fire Ceremony

as the name implies it involves fire

the most elaborate would be either a circle of small fires or 5 , one at each of the cardinal pints plus the center

needless to say this Could look pretty cool after sunset.

I am going to speak to the issues that can possibly crop up here in my home state of Connecticut.

there Is the issue of loading in all the extra supplies and cleaning up after.

Who is gong to be providing the supplies ( ie firewood, safety supplies)
Who is going to be tending the fires
Who ( I urge more than one person) going to be cleaning up

what are the fire danger conditions

Plus the safety concerns.

other Major considerations are what the sites allow,
if Permits are needed.

for Beach ceremonies :
-many municipal beaches close at sunset
-there may be fees for “groups” using the beach
-fires On the beach may not be allowed ( especially if the beach is used for swimming)

even is some of our state parks – ground fires are not permitted

sometimes it my be better to be more symbolic
and use a circle of tea lights in candle holders

Just thinking