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It is yet another cold raw day here on New England’s South Coast.

I have been looking over what I have for sale on Etsy under the handle atinkar

and what I have in my traveling kit.

I realise each piece has it’s own Unique feel and spirit.

Some feel quiet, gentle and easy going, while others are ready to party all night

Each piece, like each person has their own “spirit” , what I enjoy is not only bringing out that spirit but helping others find

a “tool” that will “play well” with them.

Every Time I pick up my drum and pull out one of the drum beaters , it is like a group of old friends getting together just to

“hang out” and enjoy each others company, or , on occasion, get “down to business”.


I just updated the selection of Handfasting specific I offer.
As with my regular Marriage Unofficial keepsake certificates, I offer a variety of choices, some of which I can fill out longhand “on the spot” other I need to do at home and mail; unless we do an in person consult and the choices are made then.

as of today , I have 8 “Rite of Hand Fasting” and 4 Handfasting Marriage “On the Spot” ready to go.

I have a much larger selection of Marriage keepsake selection
those I print at home have a variety of paper choices.

JP Year End notes

I am in the process of doing my semi annual re-evaluation of the On the Spot Scripts I use for the “meet us at the Town Hall” ceremonies.

I am doing a small overhaul of the assortment of Keepsake Certificates I offer.

I am increasing the variety of the “On the Spot” certificate

I have more redactions of vintage certificates and now have a Dolphin Fish certificate to compliment my Shoreline collection.

In my scripts, I have worked up a nice one using the Princess Bride marriage scene, but using common English..

I’ll be working up a new one or two in my “more traditional” ceremonies.

December has seen the “election” of Justices of the Peace for the next four years.

Each principality has been holding their orientation sessions/refreshers for the new and returning  Justices of the Peace. It was nice seeing some new faces and seeing some of our “old hands” as well.

I am looking forward to working with new couples contacting me this year.


Random thoughts in June

June is a busy month, not so much with traditional , planned well in advanced ceremonies, but with the short notice “Military Specials” we see so many of here in Groton.

Between the Coast Guard and the Sub Base we see a number of, we need just a quick ceremony because my spouse needs the ID etc & we will have a big one later (generally back home where ever that may be).

I really enjoy these ceremonies, the enthusiasm and the smiles, the other thing is that they tend to be less formal and can be more relaxed, except for the usual grievousness of the couples.

Something that continues to delight me , is that with even just a few days lead time, some of the couple can craft some of the most beautiful ( short) ceremonies, based all or in part on the reference materials I can e-mail them.

Some find little gems of delight that help them express themselves.

Of course that doesn’t work quite as well for the “are you available today” calls. I do have about a dozen ready scripts I run with (and have some flexibility with those as well).

My other joy is watching the expression on their faces when they see a keepsake certificate that delights them. “Collecting” antique documents and redacting them and making up certificates from scratch is a hobby.

I have very traditional, old fashion, and medieval all the way to the fun “tie dye” and specialty- like the graveyard at Halloween & Taco Bell.

I an say , I love my job

I am offering
Psychic Housekeeping: Back to the Basics
Saturday November 7, 2015 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Also Offering the course on Tuesday November 17, 2015 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Holistic Health Center, 495 Gold Star Hwy, Suite 324 Groton CT 06340

This is through the New London Healing Arts Center
for more Center offerings check out their web page

Course Overview:

Creative Visualization, Grounding, Psychic Self Defense

  • a. definitions of terms
  • b. Creative visualization- discussion & exercise
  • c. Grounding discussion- exercise using creative visualization
  • d. Psychic self defense: what it is, basic principles defense shields (creating your mental safe place) exercise construction of a basic defense shield & “it’s programming”
  • e. Various visualizations calisthenics time permitting

Cost: $20 (includes instruction and materials)

Register with Me or through the Center

Tomorrow Sept 6th in Berlin Ct is CT Pagan Pride Day rain or shine

Sunday October 6th is the UCONN Pagan Pride Day this time it is in Groton, Ct- easier & free parking, close to I95

I am preparing a new group of Drum Sticks with rattles on the “other” end. The humidity is slowing things down so I will only have a few for the September 6th event

Just had another wedding with a “nervous groom”
They really wanted to write their own vows but had a tough time putting their feeling down on paper (to share with family)
they found one of my samples that were written for tow women- weren’t sure if they could use it-” No problem” “I write all my stuff for ‘People’ ” just change a couple words.

(that was this morning- wedding at 10am)-

the vows were written to be read- I came prepared for Mr “tongue tied” and Ms “super shy” I asked “would you like me to like me to read these as a do you”- saw them both relax and agree

They had found a really nice little shoreline “nook” in Groton City- sweet view – hope to have copies of the pix

gorgeous weather, beautiful spot – incredibly sweet couple
a couple family members & friends- his son from a previous marriage
Skyped to the Philippines

we did the consult on the16th

great way to start the day

I really do love these short notice weddings, they can be so much fun