Connecticut Justice of the Peace

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I generally recommend to my couples that the obtain at least 1 more Official Certified copy of their Marriage Certificate
from the Clerk’s office.
( this is Not the Marriage License that your Officiant has just signed- it is a Certified Copy of the document the State Records;
in Connecticut – it is the original marriage license with the last section completed , this is completed by the clerks office when they record the license. One or more Copies of this are made and a seal is embossed (for a fee of course)

In Connecticut there is no issue with a name change if one spouse takes the last name of the other or the last names become hyphenated ( eg Mr Smith marries Miss Osten they take the last name Osten-Smith)
[If you want a Totally different last name that is a whole other situation]

with this Official Record of Marriage you can make name changes for ID’s (Driver’s License eg), Social Security

the other notifications are Insurance, Employers, Banks, Credit Cards
what many folks forget is the Post Office

when I mail a Commemorative Certificate it is frequently one of the first pieces of mail received under the new name
some Postal carriers/Post Offices will return the envelope to me as undeliverable as addressed because the name is different (this generally happens if the couple is moving into the residence of the spouse whose last name was changed) this seems to happen more in larger municipalities than the smaller ones.

Do not forget to let t your Mail Carrier know you just got married- so yo get your mail without delay
the return for the undeliverable mail may take a Month or more

Shaman Drum Tuvan / Siberian Style

Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame drum Pimped Out Tuvan / Siberian Shaman Style

I added a number of cords made of braided satin ribbon, I also suspended hand made 18mm brass leaf bells from the arm


the bells “clink gently when the drum is hit


this is an example of a Simple Way to dress Up your drum

what you used is up to you and should have Significance For You






Working on my Event Schedule

Besides booking weddings and Volunteer activities I am sending reservations in for some upcoming events. These are all vending.

So Far I am looking at :CWPN Spring Fling March 16, 2013 at the American Legion 630 Grassy Hill Rd (rt 121) Orange, Ct

The SCA (medieval event) Balfar’s Challange April 13, 2013 Mountain Mist Outdoor Center  576 High Hill Road  Meridan, CT  06450

Ct Pagan Pride Day Beltane Event April 27th,2013 VFW: 152 Massirio Dr., Berlin, CT 06037

Ct Pagan Pride Day (late summer/fall)

I am looking at doing CWPN Harvest Gather

I am still available to teach a variety of classes (though with the cost of gas there may be gas money involved- I do hail from Groton)

re- certificate
“I can’t believe it….. We received it in the mail this morning!!!

The certificate looks great. Thank you for including the vows. We are very
happy with the way everything was conducted and really appreciate the
service you were able to provide us.

We got the official Marriage Certificate after lunch on the day we got
married. We went straight to the Subase and were able to get Ann an ID
Card. Our next stop was the Social Security office and Ann’s Social
Security Card should arrive within a week….. we are very happy and again
would like to thank you for all your help.



[ Foot note:this was a meet us the day of “Navy Special” Ceremony ]

This Past Weekend I had planned on attending the Society for Creative Anachronism Event  outside Springfield Mass., Novice Schola but a weather “inconvenience” occurred.

Winter Storm Nemo- after digging out enough to get my vehicle out, I was deployed at our local Community Emergency Response Team Municipal Shelter.

I wound up being assigned the job of Shelter manager.

While we did not get the population of the full Red Cross Shelters in South Eastern Ct. we did also host the sub regional “War Room” of  CL&P (one of the 2 big power companies)

The war room is where the supervisory team and team leaders coordinated the electricity restoration road crews.

We also hosted the “office space” for the Utilities liaison to the municipalities.

I returned home to find the snow waiting to be removed from the rest of my parking spaces (a project to work on before today’s rain starts)



Tuvan Style Frame Drum

Tuvan Style Frame Drum

I prefer a synthetic head for any drum I travel with, they are less prone to humidity problems and are much lower maintenance

the Remo Fiberskyn 3 drums have an interesting voice feature- in addition to their consistent, mellow almost bell like tone, they have a more subtle “back voice”

I have also found that having a suspension system on the frame drums allows the Vibration from the head to resonate throughout the entire drum without getting damped down by the hand holding the frame, which is desirable in a Shaman Style Drum

This particular suspension is a cross between the rigid suspension of a Bodhran and the cord/sinew suspensions common to Shaman Drums

I have found a wooden grip handle less tiring for longer periods of drumming with the added benefit of allowing more drum control

Recent batch of for sale drum beaters

Recent batch of for sale drum beaters

Latest Batch of Fuzzy Foot Drum Beaters

Tuvan inspired Fuzzy Foot Shaman Drum Beaters

I call this style beater Fuzzy Foot because they can look like an animal foot while you are using them.

I based the style of these drum beaters on the traditional drum beaters used in many areas in the various Mongolian Republics such as the Republic of Tuva

these beaters have a different tonal quality than the more standard Native American style drum beaters, mainly because of the fur. there is also a greater of lesser difference in feel because of the difference in handle shape. Some folks feel the offset allows more clearance for their knuckles. I find they are kind of fun to use.

The Tone the beaters make is softer and a bit more muted, However the Vibration in the drum head is not diminished, I also find I have a bit wider range of strike moves and a bit more control over the songs my drums sing

about this particular batch

I had carved and sanded all of the beater sticks- no power tools used

the fur is held on to the beater by lacings and hooks whittled into the back side of the beater head, in Tuva the traditional beaters have either coins or metal rings worked into the lacings to act as a rattle. I chose not to include these

the woods are Easter Red Cedar collected from a branch that were collected after a storm, a piece of Driftwood (possible Cedar or Pine) collected at Eastern Point Beach n Groton, Ct., and a Piece of Bittersweet vine collect in Stonington, Ct

the furs are Black Bear, Buffalo, & Coyote  scrap pieces

the Sheep Skin is from a shearing lap throw, and Raccoon is reclaimed from collar

I’ll be posting these to my Etsy Shop atinkar