Connecticut Justice of the Peace

JP Year End notes

I am in the process of doing my semi annual re-evaluation of the On the Spot Scripts I use for the “meet us at the Town Hall” ceremonies.

I am doing a small overhaul of the assortment of Keepsake Certificates I offer.

I am increasing the variety of the “On the Spot” certificate

I have more redactions of vintage certificates and now have a Dolphin Fish certificate to compliment my Shoreline collection.

In my scripts, I have worked up a nice one using the Princess Bride marriage scene, but using common English..

I’ll be working up a new one or two in my “more traditional” ceremonies.

December has seen the “election” of Justices of the Peace for the next four years.

Each principality has been holding their orientation sessions/refreshers for the new and returning  Justices of the Peace. It was nice seeing some new faces and seeing some of our “old hands” as well.

I am looking forward to working with new couples contacting me this year.


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