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Shaman Drum Tuvan / Siberian Style

Remo Fiberskyn 3 Frame drum Pimped Out Tuvan / Siberian Shaman Style

I added a number of cords made of braided satin ribbon, I also suspended hand made 18mm brass leaf bells from the arm


the bells “clink gently when the drum is hit


this is an example of a Simple Way to dress Up your drum

what you used is up to you and should have Significance For You






Comments on: "Shaman Drum “Dressed Out” Tuvan/ Siberian Shaman Style" (2)

  1. Christine Brandt said:

    What is the meaning of the woodman on the back of the drum?
    thank you very much
    Greetings from Germany

    • IN some areas of the Siberian Republics, drums will have a figure added to or incorporated in the grip as a symbolic representation of the spirit of the drum.

      In my rendition of one of the basic styles ( done on a Remo) I used a full figure, and did the “arms”/cross member in a way that would easily allow the addition of jingles or ribbons.

      In personal practice, I have found that having some sort of suspension for a grip allows the drum to have far more resonance than holding the outside rim ( allows the rim to vibrate more); I have also found that a rigid grip is easier to hold onto than a simple 4 point cord grip ( ala Remo Buffalo)

      This drum is actually a combo, with the rigid arms having a hard attachment to the frame, and the main body having a corded attachment at the head & feet.
      It was done as an experimental piece. the person who purchased this drum ( without the ribbons and jingles) is a professional drummer who collects drums.

      my main personal drums have what I call “howlers” – open mouthed anthropomorphic heads on each of them- the larger drum has the larger figure- I contoured the grips to fit my hands.

      I hope this answers your question

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