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Reviewing Ceremony Selections

I have been slowly going through the various sections of both my Civil Wedding ceremonies and my Handfasting ceremonies.

Applying a few tweaks here and there adding some new material.

What I have in mind is how I am best able to assist the couples I work with in expressing how they feel, and together, creating a celebrating that. Whether that is a simple turn of phrase or short quote in a Brief Basic ceremony, or a more elaborate symbolic act or longer readings in a more formal ceremony.

Handfastings can be as simple as a symbolic act or become a bit more elaborate and  be a ceremony within itself.

Commitment ceremonies can be for those people who do not wish to go through the formalities of the “State” recognized ceremony and “paperwork”, but Do want to celebrate their love and commitment to one another .  This type of union lacks the legal obligations, privileges, and protections of a more traditional “Marriage”, but work quite well for many people.

A Commitment Ceremony or Handfasting can be one way to celebrate a more formal

Betrothal announcement.


Every now and again I like to revisit all of my reference materials to make adjustments.

something to do during the colder winter months