Connecticut Justice of the Peace

shell rattles

you can judge the length from the yardstick

the rattle body is “upcycled/reclaimed” Pecten Raveneli Shells with deerskin bands
the sticks were cared to fit the contours of the shell
glued into place and “strapped on” with the Deerskin

the shaker bits are a minimum of 1 optical quartz stone chip, white sage (California White and/or Artemesia), and Umbonium (mini turban shaped) shells

the sticks
Top- I think it is white or black birch Buff deerskin wrap

2nd down- Pink Honeysuckle Shrub light gold deerskin wrap & sisal accent (there is a crack in the stick occurred in drying does not affect the strength of the handle)

3rd down driftwood handle with buff deerskin

bottom Flowering Crab stick (from my dwarf flowering crab)
Raw linen cord wrap

these are $12.50 each

plus S&H

for my drum beaters and rattles:
the white birch is mostly from a storm downed tree in Stonington & a few pieces from Groton
Sassafras is from Bozrah, Ct
There is also some Flowering Crab & Pink Forsythia (a shrub)
Occasional Rhododendron & Eponymous

the Black birch is Groton, or Stonington

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