Connecticut Justice of the Peace

Y stick Rattles

you can judge the length from the yardstick

the top rattle has steel jingles on steel wire- the jingles are composed of hardware & jewelry bit plus tambourine jingles- the stick is Black Birch $16

the middle rattle has assorted shells on steel wire with Black Birch stick $15

the lower rattle has brass jingles -jewelry parts on brass wire & white birch stick $16

plus S&H

for my drum beaters and rattles:
the white birch is mostly from a storm downed tree in Stonington & a few pieces from Groton
Sassafras is from Bozrah, Ct
There is also some Flowering Crab & Pink Forsythia (a shrub)
Occasional Rhododendron & Eponymous

the Black birch is Groton, or Stonington

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