Connecticut Justice of the Peace

sistrum & pillow shakers

you can judge the length from the yardstick

the Sistrum made from “Upcycled” & found materials
the handle is cedar driftwood collected in Groton, Ct
the Hoop is from is cookie tin

the rods are from a dry cleaner’s hangar
the shakers are washed bottle caps

the “new” materials
washers for shaker bits
some leftover Aluminum siding nails
& Jute cord wrap
this is all hand tool worked- (except for the electric drill)

the pillow shakers are a “silly whim” experiment that worked
squares of random rawhide set up to use as a hand shaker- the sound is a bit louder than shaking a packet of medium sized seeds
on 2 I made a “finger loop” 1 – the blue- is plain
$7.50 ea
plus S&H

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