Connecticut Justice of the Peace

Drum beater assortment 3

you can judge the length from the yardstick
the 2 “green” have a longer head
the one buff has some stains from being on the shelf at an event when we had some rain- still works fine gives it a “rustic” look

Drfitwood Athames

I hand carved & sanded these 2 pieces of driftwood
these were collected in Groton, Ct
completely had worked No power tools used
being Beach finds I oiled them with a blend of oils I use when I go to the beach
One is Pine the other is Cedar

I have a number of open week end dates and am available many week days for Weddings and other services

Small, short notice weddings are a specialty

I have a choice of “ready” scripts  available and ready to customize

and a selection of reference materials to assist in composing a unique and beautiful ceremony

and as always a variety of Commemorative Certificates

September 8th 2012 from 10 am to 6pm

Connecticut Pagan Pride Day held at the VFW on Massario Dr in Berlin Ct

Earlier this month our class completed the last week of the East Coast Three Year Program Of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism And Shamanic Healing

It has been an interesting 3 years,enjoyable, challenging, and enlightening

The skills I have developed in this course and the trainings leading up to it enable me to offer a variety of alternative healing techniques and other services to my clients, as well as increasing the variety of classes I am available to teach

I’ll have a small array of merchandise and will be doing
Demo’s of a Drum Healing Technique from the Mongolian Republic of Tuva

I will be vending at the S.C.A. events
Novice Schola in Mass March 31
and Balfar’s Challenge April 7th

I will have my calligraphy supplies with me
I’ll be continuing some of the clearance sale prices from Market Day at Birka

I’ll be teaching 2 classes on basic shamanic practices
the topics discussed will be on the world view and basic techniques that are common to many cultures and not specific to one culture

See you Aug 16th thru 18th

I will be a vendor at the SCA (Medieval event) Market Day at Birka in Manchester New Hampshire Friday evening and all day Saturday January 27-28, 2012 at the Center of New Hampshire, Radisson Hotel

For Your Shopping Convinience

for your convenience I am “setting up both an ETSY shop especially for my hand crafted items

as well as posting some Auctions on EBay

you may find me under the account name of aTinkar

I will also me offering a variety of other items as well.

These will vary from ceremonial tools, to collectibles, and sundry items

Today’s listings include calligraphy pen nibs , hand crafted wands and rattles, & baby animal marionettes

for Custom items feel free to contact me directly