Connecticut Justice of the Peace

I call this style beater Fuzzy Foot because they can look like an animal foot while you are using them.

I based the style of these drum beaters on the traditional drum beaters used in many areas in the various Mongolian Republics such as the Republic of Tuva

these beaters have a different tonal quality than the more standard Native American style drum beaters, mainly because of the fur. there is also a greater of lesser difference in feel because of the difference in handle shape. Some folks feel the offset allows more clearance for their knuckles. I find they are kind of fun to use.

The Tone the beaters make is softer and a bit more muted, However the Vibration in the drum head is not diminished, I also find I have a bit wider range of strike moves and a bit more control over the songs my drums sing

about this particular batch

I had carved and sanded all of the beater sticks- no power tools used

the fur is held on to the beater by lacings and hooks whittled into the back side of the beater head, in Tuva the traditional beaters have either coins or metal rings worked into the lacings to act as a rattle. I chose not to include these

the woods are Easter Red Cedar collected from a branch that were collected after a storm, a piece of Driftwood (possible Cedar or Pine) collected at Eastern Point Beach n Groton, Ct., and a Piece of Bittersweet vine collect in Stonington, Ct

the furs are Black Bear, Buffalo, & Coyote  scrap pieces

the Sheep Skin is from a shearing lap throw, and Raccoon is reclaimed from collar

I’ll be posting these to my Etsy Shop atinkar

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