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Drum beater assortment 2

Drum beater assortment 2

you can judge the length from the yardstick
top buff is Birch (white maybe),the white is sassafras,
the lower buff is Black Birch
the Gold is White Birch

my standard drum beaters run in price from approx #12. to around $20 depending on how much work
this batch as well as assortments 1 & 3 have a price range up to approx $15 plus S&H


Drum beater assortment 3

Drum beater assortment 3

you can judge the length from the yardstick
the 2 “green” have a longer head
the one buff has some stains from being on the shelf at an event when we had some rain- still works fine gives it a “rustic” look


Drfitwood Athames

Drfitwood Athames

I hand carved & sanded these 2 pieces of driftwood
these were collected in Groton, Ct
completely had worked No power tools used
being Beach finds I oiled them with a blend of oils I use when I go to the beach
One is Pine the other is Cedar